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niveaux dd'etude


European Foundation and Dual Degree Diploma


Fashion Design & Techniques de Mode (1 an) 

Stylisme - Modélisme - Couture

Design de Mode (1 ou 2 ans) 

Stylisme & Création : Création de Collections (1° année)

Fashion Design & Création (2° année)

Modélisme & Couture (1 an) 

Modélisme et Couture


Luxe - Modélisme & Couture (2 ans)

Modélisme & Couture (1° année)

Luxe - Couture sur Mesure (2° année)

Dao -Modélisme et Couture (2 ans)

Modélisme & Couture (1° année)

Dao - Industrialisation & Confection (2° année)


Fashion Styling & Conseil en Image (1an) 

Personal Shopper 

Management de Mode (1 an)

Option: Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneuriat & Evénementiel   

Option: Collection & Défilé 

Brochure mode DOWNLOAD-01.jpg

Brochure Mode 



Fashion Design & Techniques (1 year)

Fashion Design – Pattern making - Sewing

Fashion Design (1 or 2 years)

Fashion Design & Creation: Creation of Collections (1st year)

Fashion Design & Création (2° année)

Pattern making & Sewing (1 year)

Pattern making and Sewing


Luxury - Pattern making & Sewing (2 years)

Pattern making & Sewing (1st year)

Luxury - tailoring (2nd year)

Dao - Pattern making and Sewing (2 years)

Modélisme & Couture (1° année)

Dao - Industrialization & Confection (2nd year)


Fashion Styling & Image Consulting (1year)

Personal Shopper 

Fashion Management (1 year)

Option: Marketing, Branding, Entrepreneurship & Events

Option: Collection & Fashion show




Graphic Arts (1 year) 

Graphic Arts 

Graphic Design (2 years)

Graphic Arts  (1st year)

Graphic Design - Visual Communication (2nd year)

Illustration (2 years) 

Graphic Arts (1st year)

Illustration - Comic Strip (2nd year)

Graphic Arts (1 an) 

Graphic Arts 

Design Graphique (2 ans) 

Graphic Arts  (1° année)

Graphisme - Communication visuelle (2° année)

Illustration (2 ans) 

Graphic Arts  (1° année)

Illustration - Bande Dessinée (2° année)

Brochure Graphisme-11.png

Brochure Graphisme 

dom mode

Graduate - DSPS

Diploma of Skills and Professional Studies


Bachelor – DEES

European Diploma of Higher Studies


Bachelor's in Fashion Design Degree

The Bachelor DEES in Fashion Design is a 3-year training program preparing for the main professions of Fashion Design and Creation: Fashion, Modeling and Sewing.

The theoretical, creative and technical modules taught during the training give to our students the cultural and practical knowledge of the profession, combined with personal and artistic developments.

It offers a 360-degree vision: from product design to marketing, through production, communication and marketing. The ideal training to transform your passion for fashion into a real professional or entrepreneurial project.



First year

The theoretical teaching of the fundamentals, of the creation and the techniques applied via the participation to practical workshops brings to the students, the knowledge of the cultural, artistic and technical dimensions of fashion.

At the end of the first year, the student visualizes the world of fashion globally.

The students will be regularly invited to participate to real life scenarios by giving specific requirements and let them create and produce


Second year

Deepening of fundamental techniques and practice: Creation of the garment while discovering the constraints related to its realization according to the materials used.
The student is brought to use and manipulate the software Lectra, a reference in the fashion sector. This tool is considered as the pillar of the realization techniques expected by the recruiters of the field.
The implementation and application of projects aims at multidisciplinary skills.
At the same time, the student discovers a marketing approach related to the marketing and distribution of a collection.

Third year

Students, having acquired the necessary skills of the disciplines and techniques of Stylism, Modeling and Sewing, prepare and present the outcome of their personal project.
The realization of the project is carefully supervised by the teachers. Creative and creative spaces are available to students to accomplish their creations.
An event is organized to promote the creations, marking the passage of the student to the active life as a confirmed actor of fashion.

Subjects studied during the course :

Drawing Methodology - Sketches - Volumes - Graphical Techniques - Rendering - Colors and Visual Arts - Academy - Figurine Drawing - Illustration and Dressing - Stylistic Methodology - Textile Experimentation - Textile Printing - Computer Drawing "Adobe" Range - Technical Drawing and Industrial clothing and accessories - Materials - Model making - Molding - Sewing and Confection - Retouches clothing - Production - Industrialization Product - Lectra Computer Patronage - History of Art and Costume - Styles and Trends Fashion - Market Research - Management and Communication – Parade


Bachelor’s in Graphic Design degree

The Bachelor (DEES) in Graphic Design is a 3-year program preparing for the main professions in Visual Communication: Graphic Design.

The Graphic Design program allows you to acquire the appropriate language, techniques and tools specific to different medias, creating personalized visual designs.
A final exam evaluation based on a personal project is done during the last year of study.



First Year

This year of fundamental learning introduces the basics of creative composition and the discovery of important techniques to express the creativity. The chapters are focus on the acquisition of both manual and digital graphic tools: Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, compositions, sketches, photos, typography, colors, etc.

The student develops his/her artistic sensibility in order to translate an idea into an image or design.


Second year

The student conducts researches and learns various theoretical and practical methods/tools to create a direct interaction between the idea, the words, the image and the concept.

The student will develop professional skills that will complement the technical and artistic courses and will start working on real life projects. He/she will learn about customer/designer relationship, deadlines, management and costs.

Third year

The student, future graphic designer, understands the interaction between the numerous stakeholders of a project: client, agency, marketing, the approach of 3D, digital design etc. The student improves his overall vision of the profession and understands the challenges of creation.

Thanks to the acquisition of a complete range of tools and techniques, the future professional has a creative, critical and synthesis spirit that allows him to lead a project entirely. He is ready to work for a company or open his own agency.

Courses studied during the course :

Composition - Drawing & Sketching - Colors - Identity and Visual Consistency - Standards and fundamentals WEB - Adobe Software - PAO / Print - Tools and graphic culture - Production of graphic resources - Methodology of representation - Artistic culture - Photography - Semiology - Graphics and Arts History.


Bachelor’s in Illustration and Comics degree

The Bachelor (DEES) in Illustration and Comics is a 3-year program preparing for the main professions in Illustration and Comics.

The Illustration program allows you to acquire the professional skills of an illustrator combining technique, creativity and expertise to meet the demanding requirements of the artistic and creative communication world.

A final exam based on a personal project is delivered during the last year of study.



First year

This first year allows you to discover and acquire the basic artistic tools.

The main courses are: academy drawing, character drawing and character design, as well as digital tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator software and digital painting with an optical pen.

By working with the different artist instruments (pencil, brush …), the student develops his sensibility and own artistic style.


Second year

This second year focuses on a professional and technical approach that addresses the different elements of project management, such as creative briefing, relationship with the client, the autonomy of work and the management of deadlines.

The student conducts researches, using the methods seen in class, to always create a logical interaction between his idea, the words, the story and the image created.

Third year

This year prepared the student for his future professional career or academic curriculum. The student develops skills that will be essential throughout his future.

The student will envision all the different aspects of the profession and the interactions between the stakeholders of a project: customers, agency, publisher, etc.

At the end of the bachelor, the student has a creative, critical and synthetic mind that allows him to integrate perfectly into the professional world.

Courses studied during the bachelor :

Visual identity - Color - Observation drawing – Academy drawing - Character drawing - Comic strip - Script - Press illustration - Photography - Digital painting - Cultural design - Character design – Real life simulation projects - Traditional illustration techniques - Calligraphy - Typography - History of Arts and Illustration

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