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Canvas brings to creative candidates in "Visual Arts" the solution to embrace a career in the fields of FASHION and DESIGN. Founded more than 25 years ago in the heart of Lausanne (French-speaking part of Switzerland), Canvas School of Arts has undergone significant and sustainable development over the past 15 years. Its founders, initially trained in Swiss Higher Education Schools, are passionate about Design and Pedagogy, thus the Canvas School of Arts emerged.

The Canvas School of Arts is recognized by all professions, Swiss state bodies (IOC, AI…) but also on an international level (FEDE, UNO, European Council…). As a leader, it triumphs regularly at the most prestigious European competitions and has taken a prominent place regarding international organizations in the application of the standards on Training and Education for the modern youth


The Canvas School of Arts, recognized for its high-quality programs in ARTS & DESIGN, offers trainings in Fashion Design, Graphic Design and Illustration/Artwork.

We adapt the program of a student depending of his/her availability. This allows the student to have an adapted schedule that can coincide with personal, family of professional constraints. Nothing can stop you to learn at Canvas!

We are attentive to the professional integration of our students. We adapt and adjust our teaching methodologies for each learner.


Canvas offers a variety of trainings:


Preparatory Year in Visual Arts PMA

Superior (Bachelor)

Professional (Graduate)



Personalized programs

International Programs (Bilingual European Foundation Degree in Arts and Design)


Canvas strongly benefits from its network and community of passionate artist.

We enjoy a worldwide recognition. Each of our programs are personalized, based on the career perspectives of each students and the competences they need to acquire.

Further information attached


Bachelor, Graduate, Certificate, PMA (preparatory year)

The diplomas of Canvas School of Arts are certified by the FEDE (European Federation of Schools).

Canvas programs follow the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS).

ETHICAS certified, the Canvas School of Arts delivers high quality education and positions itself as a leading school in the Visual Arts. In addition, Canvas is a European Examination Center recognized by numerous international schools

For more information on the different diplomas you can download the following PDF


The numerous programs you can follow at Canvas School of Arts are designed in order to prepare you for your desired job.

The different courses in a program are thought in a coherent linkage, allowing you a complementary learning of technical and artistical skills.

For more information on the courses taught in each program, you can download the corresponding document to your desired training below.



The Canvas School of Arts programs combine both theoretical and practical approaches of the artistic fields. It allows our students to master a variety of courses entirely, understanding a chapter of a course but also being able to explain it to someone else.

In direct interactivity with companies, the Canvas school of Arts offers a strong educational flexibility, we adapt our methods to each student in order to reveal their true potential.


Our students participate, throughout their trainings, in real life projects and actively work on developing their first professional network (international networking).


We constantly evolve and reinvent our trainings and teaching methodologies according to the evolution of the global market, in constant economic and social transformation.






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