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“Curiosity about life in all of its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.”

Leo Burnett

At the end of a "Graphic Design - Illustration" training, the student, is an artist, creator, technician and commercial expert, who can work as a:

Graphic Designer - Illustrator - Cartoonist and / or Comic Strip Artist - Colorist – Image Editor - Publicist - Layout Artist - Advertising Product Manager - Multimedia Designer - Media Communication Officer - Image Consultant, etc ...

Photoshop and Illustrator

Drawing and Painting



The graphic designer deals with the creative aspect of marketing and communication. He imagines and realizes the elements constituting the visual identity of a company (logo, packaging, etc.). He is immersed in his environment to adapt his creations and messages to the targeted audience while always meeting the demand of the specifications. His work is deeply connected to the life cycle of the company. It is true that the use of computer tools has become essential, however the knowledge of hand skills involving drawing and illustration is a strong asset for any graphic designer. He is versatile in his art and can, depending on the circumstances, easily switching between pencils, brushes and computer mouse.


Career opportunities :
Graphic artist - Graphic designer - Illustrator - Colorist - Publicist - Layout artist - Advertising Product Manager - Multimedia Designer - Media Communicator - Image Consultant, etc ...



An illustrator draws to illustrate a text (press, books, etc.) while a Comic Strip Designer creates a story, giving life to his own characters. Thanks to the rise of new technologies, he becomes sometimes a blog illustrator, an online comic artist or collaborated in the creation of animated movies. But whatever media he chooses and the technique he uses, his job is always to make the connection between a text and an image.

Career opportunities :
Illustrator - Cartoonist and / or Comic Strip Artist - Graphic Designer - Colorist – Painter - Image Editing - Layout artist etc ..

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